Thursday, April 21, 2011

La Gran Guardia

Theater La Gran Guardia, LivornoIf the “Odeon” was larger with its 2300 seats, “La Gran Guardia” was the more noble of our movie theaters. It was built during the reconstruction of the area of “Via Grande”, almost destroyed during the air raids of the last war.Theater La Gran Guardia, Livorno“La Gran Guardia” was inaugurated in 1954 and, with its 1300 seats and a great acoustic, was the venue of choice not only for movies, but for theater, concerts and even operas.Theater La Gran Guardia, LivornoThe curious name, which literally means Big Guard, comes from a nearby old station of the guards called in the same way.Theater La Gran Guardia, LivornoThe theater closed in 2005, the same year of the “Odeon”, but at least there are no cars in its future: within months an international retail-clothing company will open a huge store on the premises.Theater La Gran Guardia, LivornoWe all wish well to this theater in its new incarnation; it was so sad to see this place as it was for the last time.

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