Monday, April 11, 2011

Pisan Walk - 2 of 2

San Giorgio ai Tedeschi, PisaA dilapidate bell tower, not far from the world famous Leaning Tower. One of the bells is probably already fallen away...Percy Bysshe Shelley, plaque, PisaA plaque placed on a building where Percy Bysshe Shelley lived and worked. In Italian “immagini” has a double “m”.Santa Bona, patron saint of hostesses, Pisa“Bona” is the colloquial and quite rude term for “hot”. A saint with this name, who also pretends to be the patron saint of hostesses, could only be a Livornese prank.Via delle Belle Donne” (Street of the Beautiful Women) plaque, PisaObviously “Via delle Belle Donne” (Street of the Beautiful Women), is a very short alley...La Dolce Vite (The Sweet Grapevine), PisaEverybody knows “La Dolce Vita” (The Sweet Life). “La Dolce Vite” (The Sweet Grapevine) is one of the finest wordplays ever made by a Pisan mind on any subject.

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