Saturday, June 11, 2011

American Gazetteer

Gazzettiere Americano, Mario Coltellini printer, Livorno“The American gazetteer” by Jedidiah Morse was first published in 1797, a few years after Joseph Scott's “Gazetteer of the United States” (1795).
In Livorno we had our first “Gazzettiere americano” in 1763, when Marco Coltellini printed a translation of “The American Gazetteer”, a British version published in London the year before.
Gazzettiere Americano, Mario Coltellini printer, LivornoA page from the Italian edition

American Gazetteer, published in London in 1862The same page of the original version

See also: “Encyclopédie” - Marco Coltellini (Wikipedia)

The American gazetteer
(S. Hall, and Thomas & Andrews, 1797 in Boston)
Il Gazzettiere americano
(Marco Coltellini, 1763 in Livorno)
The American Gazetteer
(A. Millar, and J. & R. Tonson, 1762 in London)

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