Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kiss the Police

Μπατσοι γουρουνια δολοφονοι, mpatsoi gourounia dolofonoi, cops pigs murderers, Livorno“Μπατσοι γουρουνια δολοφονοι” means “Cops pigs murderers” in Greek. It seems that “Original 21” or “R21”, the largest AEK Athens supporters club, maintains relations with fans of Livorno and Marseille. We have already seen about the cryptic “1312”.Baise la police, kiss the police, LivornoA further trace of this alliance could be this graffiti found in “Via Serristori”: “Baise la police” would be “Kiss the police” in French, but the real meaning is “Fuck the police”.

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