Saturday, May 7, 2011


Palazzo di Giustizia, Court House of LivornoInside the courtdyard of our “Palazzo di Giustizia” (Court House) we can see a barely legible plaque:Plaque, Marco Coltellini, Palazzo di Giustizia, LivornoHere Marco Coltellini had his typography where was printed “Dei delitti e delle pene” di Cesare Beccaria and from 1770 to 1779 the immense work of the French “Encyclopédie” in thirty-three large volumes (1883).French Encyclopédie, frontespiceThe plaque marked the place where once was the printer shop of Marco Coltellini, near the “Bagno Penale” (Penal Colony). After the demolition of the building it was moved to the current location.
The indication about where the “Encyclopédie” was printed is probably correct, but it seems that Coltellini's shop was elsewhere.

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