Sunday, June 26, 2011

Time of “Sagre”

Sagra del ranocchio, Cascine di ButiIf you have always considered “frog eaters” a derogatory term for our transalpine cousins, you can now include in that bunch many of our countrymen. By the way “ranocchio” is frog.
“Sagra” is something that could be translated in English as festival or fair, usually linked to some local food in a small town or village, with music and dance usually going along with the eating.Sagra del raviolo, Vicopisano“Raviolo” is the singular of ravioli, a famous type of filled pasta.Stringozzo alla cinta, Buti“Stringozzo”, the singular of “Stringozzi”, is a kind of handmade pasta produced in Umbria. “Cinta” is a quite rare breed of pig, typical of Siena, which owes its name to a white sash (“cinta” in Tuscan) on its black coat.

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