Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flags and Sails

Foreign navies ensigns, 28th TAN (2011) LivornoA Saturday morning with many flags in the wind for the last race of the J/24 class: the most unusual was probably the one of the PLA Navy (second from the left), while the most famous was surely the flag of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (bottom right).Stella Polare, 28th TAN (2011), LivornoThe “Stella Polare” (Pole Star) of the Italian Navy in full sail.Mexican crew with sombreros, 28th TAN (2011), LivornoA Mexican crew at work with the sails wearing large sombreros!J/24 leaving for the race, 28th TAN (2011), LivornoMany of the boats were able to leave the port in sail.Agusta-Bell AB 212ASW, 28th TAN (2011) LivornoSome lucky guy was taking pictures from a Navy AB 212ASW.

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