Thursday, April 14, 2011

Many Flags

28th TAN, Foreign Navies parade, LivornoOn the last thursday of the trophy, the representants of the foreign Navies present at the TAN take part in a parade across town.28° TAN, parata Marine Estere, LivornoThe Navy band was playing all along for the joy of the many kids from the local elementary schools.28th TAN, Foreign Navies parade, LivornoAfter a walk along “Via Grande” the delegations arrived in “Piazza del Municipio” (Town Hall Square) for a simple ceremony.28th TAN, Foreign Navies parade, LivornoA lot of colorful national flags were displayed on the staircase of Town Hall for a souvenir photo.28th TAN, Foreign Navies parade, LivornoAn then there was only one: the Italian Navy flag.

28th TAN (2011): 28th TAN - J/24
27th TAN (2010): The Boats - Model Boats - Trofeo D'Alesio - Oloferne - Foreign Navies - Sun and Sea - The Last Day - Tuttovela
26th TAN (2009): Palinuro - Faventibus Ventis - End of TAN - Ciao!

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